Zach’s first year overseas! He did not have food, now he drives an expensive car

DIRECTLY FROM NEW JERSEY In one year his life was overturned. A young junior has become a celebrity who comes up with quite a lot of money. The attacker, Pavel Zacha (19), crosses the streets of Newark with a fast sports car and finally plays the NHL. But the premiere season is shrewd. Maybe like a Detroit match (4: 5 after sn) in which he scored a goal, but he was on the ice three times when his team collected. In the game yesterday, Pittsburgh (3: 4 after sn) was assisted when he scored Michaleu Cammalleriu for the goal he sent New Jersey to the lead.However, the club’s legend, Martin Brodeur, has stood in front of the New Jersey Home Arena with a luxury sports car, whose engines screwed into a revolution when leaving the garage. In the exhausts it just crackled. To have such a superfar, it’s the dream of every guy.

“Last year I was only $ 450 in juniors in Canada. Everybody in the team was getting the same, for dinner it was enough. But then someone bought the clothes and did not have the food anymore, and it happened to me a few times. Playing in the NHL is a huge difference. Game and, of course, financial. I make good money and I can secure myself.I did not expect myself to come this way soon, “Zacha says.

VIDEO: Look at Zach’s assistance in a Pittsburgh match:

The team is still one of the poorest. As a newcomer he earns 925,000 dollars (about 24 million crowns) in the season. About half the wage, he has hockey costs.

“Last year, I got a sign-up bonus, which helped me a lot. Thanks to him, I was able to pay a good conditional preparation in the Czech Republic and spend the summer on ice.Now it’s about something else, but I still have to work hard, “says a nineteen-year-old player who has yet another unresolved problem. New Jersey has been living in New Jersey since summer. And so now every day with the managers they are resolving the new housing.

“Next week I might have it. They want me to live near other players. They all have apartments in Jersey City about five minutes by train from the arena, this is a quiet and nice location overlooking New York where everybody lives. Maybe Talylor Hall. It would be great, I could have dinner with the boys sometimes. But especially to get away from the hotel…”Zach said.