Košice defeated Martin and reduce state series, succeeded well against Žilina Zvolen

Kosice, Zilina. Košice hockey players defeated Martina players 3: 1 and decreased state series at 2: 3rd Succeed the players of Zilina, who beat Zvolen 5: 1 and lead the series 3: 2nd They need to win. Kosice at home playing with Martin (9 photos) Online transmission: Bet LIVE on a wide range of events in Fortune & # x3E; & # x3E; Tipsport League (SR) playoff 2016/2017 Quarter-25thMarch 2017 at 18:00 | Steel Arena, Košice 3: 1 60 ‘End minute Martin Stats Goals and Assists: 6. Jenčík (Huna, climate), 16 Šoltés (Hričina gray), 60thNagy – 9 Heizer (Bačik, Tabaček). Judge: D. ends Stano – Spruce, M. Korba. Transferring ended the fifth meeting of the quarter finals series between Košice and Martin, after the result 3: 1 fled Oceliari gravediggers shovel and a series of extended at least until Monday, when they will play the sixth game of the Turks. Aspect missiles in today’s match: 40: 22s this finding is already saying good bye to you and wish you still a nice rest of the evening. The Meeting will accompany Lukáš Pancurák.End of the match. 59:56 Kosice gave a goal! Home captain LADISLAV NAGY, putting the empty goal sealed the home win Kosice.Kopriva still have the preventive shot by checking his glove. 56:13 Martin at the end of the third period added momentum and attempts at conciliation.But the hard wound was heading to the center of the goal and Corbeil was able to cope with it. 54:18 We continue to play five against five.In a chance now he found himself Koyš, which has failed to burn Miroslava Kopřivu between the three goalposts. 52:19 Košičania won the faceoff, the puck but they sent to the neutral zone.We will continue face-off in the range of Kosice, it will be based on an icing domestic hockey players. 50:35 renumbering home for numerous disadvantages puck exported Hričina who sent Jenčík but not perfect pass.Corbeil was wide, at Unclear situation still come shot.It seems that this will be during the last part of the regular playing time relatively common phenomenon. 40:48 Furthermore, Košice could add a third goal. Before the gate was completely free Jenčík which entered into its blade pass and sent the puck on goal.And the other third is a thing of the past. Follow the treatment rink, then the final part of the regular playing time. After 40 minutes, the state pays 2: 1. The ratio of shots after the secondAdvantage of the power play has Košice probably nepretavia the coveted third goal. 36:27 Pets are themselves entangled in their own combinations and have lost valuable seconds.Neither of today goalies similar situations underestimate, because it could break the match to the opponent. 31:59 Jankovic puck over glass brought quick action in Košice, the end of which stood Suja.Immediately there came a few shots, every last performed by Patrika Koyša knocked Kopriva to a safe zone. 24:44 Home keeps the puck away from his sanctuary, he cares about Jakub Suja.The game is interrupted, the zone faceoff home. 22:45 Koch’s now a swift pass center rink did not think at all bad, but the execution was not quite perfect.So it can be to properly Martin appreciable loss! 22:21 Tabaček remained lying on the ice surface and held to his face.Martin’s captain will have to be treated on the ice surface, we believe that it will not be anything serious. 22:06 Again, whistles, this time by a simple procedure of Corbeil.Defensive Kosice today can not be underestimated. 20:41 Pets are continuing with five skaters on the ice surface forces we coped.The puck is at the moment in the neutral zone and the audience waiting.After the first third, the current state is 2: 1. Ratio fell after 1.Kosice is again in the lead. Goal fell at the moment already Martinčania on ice in a foursome, but in fact it does not change. Corbeil was hilarious rebound DÁVIDA ŠOLTÉSA already but could not capture.Košice continues to exert pressure. 12:59 Kosice will have a five-to-three game of play for a full two minutes.Corbeil puck knocked back into the game. 11:40 Bačik lost his stick, which for a moment pot Martinski MHC.Guests were lucky that Košice could not cram into a position favorable. 10:53 Suja challenged passing Maritn noticing and Mathieu Corbeil.He could ripple, the puck but instead decided to cover the ice surface. 10:39 Korostin is pushed into its end behind the goal and ultimately successfully.Puk but found only attentive nettles, which are well covered his goalpost. 09:36 Košice could get back into the lead, Corbeil because the puck just went in front of himself.Chance to have already pushed Jenčík before which stepped in at the last minute hearth defensive. 08:41 Martin scored! And it is balanced. On the way down the left wing responded Kopriva high skating, which eventually Kosice vypomstilo. Into the open net in fact arrived RADOMÍR HEIZER.Corbeil anyway rather maintained the puck in his mitt.